Ana & Sam’s Story

Erie 2010-0479Ana was worried. Her newborn son, Sam, had devel­oped a bad rash all over his body, and was inconsolably fussy. She brought Sam to Erie Family Health Center, where his doctor recognized his symptoms as a rare milk protein allergy. Sam’s pediatri­cian knew that he would require a very special “elemental” formula that costs almost $40 per can.

She also knew that Ana wouldn’t be able to afford that. So – embracing Erie’s philosophy of caring for the whole patient, beyond the walls of the exam room – she person­ally found a donor who provided an initial supply of this expensive formula for Sam. Then, she was able to con­nect Ana with a supplemental nutrition program for women and children that could provide a continuing supply of the formula.

Sam is now thriving. Ana returned last month with the leftover formula that Sam no longer needs. She has asked Erie to donate the formula to another family in need.

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