Daniel Hill’s Story

Daniel Hill

Daniel Hill avoided treatment for his high blood pressure. As a seasonal worker, he had no health insurance. He also had bad memories of unpleasant clinics with impersonal care.

In 2010, he was rushed to the emergency room and diagnosed with Stage 2 colon cancer. After successful surgery, he was cancer free and grateful. But he was left with high blood pressure—and a mountain of medical bills. His cousin, an Erie patient, told Daniel about Erie. He made an appointment with Erie primary care physician, Dr. Peter Mayock. Daniel immediately felt comfortable with his new doctor.

In 2012, Dr. Mayock referred him to CountyCare, Cook County’s early Medicaid expansion program. Daniel now receives Medicaid benefits and regular care. His blood pressure is under control. He is so pleased with his care that he referred two co-workers to Erie—and is now a member of Erie’s board of directors.

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