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Erie Family Health Center’s Diabetes Program Awarded the YHP Recognition Award

February 23, 2011 | marketing

At the Erie Family Health Center All Staff Meeting on January 26th, Erie was honored as an Illinois Your Healthcare PlusTM (YHP) top performer for excellence in caring for people with diabetes. Erie West Town and Erie Humboldt Park were awarded this honor. Erie Humboldt Park was also bestowed as an YHP Blue Ribbon Recipient.

YHP is a statewide Medicaid program that coordinates care for people living with chronic illnesses like diabetes. YHP promotes and sustains the patient-physician relationship by helping patients manage their total health care. YHP achieves this by empowering a multidisciplinary care team which helps patients make informed healthcare decisions, improve patients’ understanding of their chronic diseases through self-learning and management tools, as well as helping patients receive care coordination for complex health needs.

Dr. Carrie Nelson, Medical Director of YHP, recognizes Erie’s effort to create a diabetes program that enables the patient to take control of their disease to improve their overall health. “These sites (Erie West Town and Erie Humboldt Park) have done outstanding work in diabetes care and YHP recognizes it is a team effort,” says Dr. Nelson.

This recognition is based upon achieving quality performance goals that are part of the “best practices” of diabetes care, as established by the YHP. Recognition is given to health care practices that reach these high performance levels according to a variety of specifications – including percentages of patients receiving retinal exams, cholesterol testing, etc. – that are closely correlated to healthy outcomes for diabetics. Erie West Town and Erie Humboldt Park were bestowed with the YHP’s Care Excellence Award for excelling above three of the performance thresholds. Erie Humboldt Park excelled above four of the performance thresholds and was also honored with the YHP’s Blue Ribbon Care Excellence Award.

Ana Cesan, Coordinator of Community Programs at Erie Family Health Center, recognizes Erie Family Health Center’s diabetes program as a unique and successful method, allowing patients to take control of their health. “Patients have access to a multifaceted health care team – providers, diabetes health educators and diabetes care coordinators – who are all in constant communication with one another” says Ana. “Patients also have access to monthly diabetes drop-in groups and Diabetes y Yo (Erie’s Diabetes Group Medical Visits) which are co-lead by providers and health educators.” This dynamic approach to diabetic care ensures that patients are given the best tools they need to keep all aspects of their health on track.

The award for high quality diabetes care is usually quietly realized within the exam rooms or within the satisfaction of Erie’s diabetic patients. YHP has recognized and elevated these achievements however and honored Erie with this award. Through honors such as these, Erie Family Health Center is an established leader in quality health care practices. “I am pleased to have the opportunity to recognize the outstanding Erie team for their exceptional work” says Dr. Nelson. “Erie Family Health Center is surely an example for others to follow.”