Gloria’s Story

Erie 2010-1115Gloria’s* breathing difficulties were keeping her from her job, her family, and her friends. The glands in her face and neck had been terribly swollen and painful for months. She knew something was very wrong, but without health insurance, she didn’t know where she could turn for help. Fortunately, Erie was there.

Gloria saw a doctor at Erie HealthReach Waukegan Health Center who assessed her needs and was able to connect her with a specialist at Northwestern Lake Forest Hospital. Diagnosed with an inflammatory disease called sarcoidosis, Gloria is now relieved to have access to treatment and a regular primary care doctor at Erie HealthReach Waukegan who can oversee all of her follow-up care.  Erie was also able to help Gloria sign up for Medicaid coverage, removing a financial barrier to future health care.

This holiday season help people like Gloria, and give your neighbors the gift of good health.

*name changed to protect patient privacy.