Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center

Hospital and Specialty Care Partner:


1285 Hartrey Ave
Evanston, IL 60202
Phone: 847.666.3494
Fax: 847.868.8964
Medical Records Fax: 847.868.8999

Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center is Erie’s first location outside of Chicago.
Erie Evanston/Skokie provides a wide variety of services for adults and children, including primary care, women’s health care, prenatal care, pediatric care and behavioral health care.

You can come to Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center for everything from free pregnancy tests and school physicals to cholesterol checks and diabetes management. We even offer counseling services to help you deal with family problems or emotional issues. Erie Evanston also provides comprehensive oral health services — from cleanings and fluoride treatments to crowns and root canals – to children and pregnant women. Adult dental patients also must be medical patients of Erie Family Health Center.


For Parents and Patients of the Child and Adolescent Center (CAC) at NorthShore in Evanston

We’d very much like to welcome all CAC parents and patients to Erie, where it will be our privilege to serve you.

As of January 2014, your child will be referred to a primary care physician at Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center, and the Child and Adolescent Center (CAC) at Evanston Hospital will close. Erie is opening a brand new, state-of-the-art facility this fall at the corner of Hartrey Avenue and Dempster Street in Evanston (1285 Hartrey). We are also able to transfer your child’s medical records to Erie, further easing this transition.

Moreover, Erie will offer the following patient benefits:

  • Your child can visit this new facility whenever they are ill or for regular check-ups, immunizations and preventative care, among other services.
  • Erie offers a continuous relationship with one physician, meaning that your child will have a primary doctor for all of his or her healthcare needs.
  • Erie offers same day access to telephone advice from a nurse.
  • Erie saves room in its schedule for Urgent Care appointments.
  • Erie offers 24 hour coverage for emergencies for our patients.
  • Erie Evanston/Skokie is accessible via public transportation, and Erie has multiple clinics throughout the Chicago area.

At the same time, your child will continue to have access to specialty care at NorthShore. Your primary physician at Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center can refer your child to NorthShore for diagnostic, emergency and inpatient hospital care, if it is needed. In addition, the adult Outpatient Clinic at Evanston Hospital will remain open.

Why not take a look at our complete list of services to see how our Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center can help you and the people you love lead healthier, happier lives?

Services Offered

A highly trained team of medical, dental and behavioral health professionals will provide: