Mia’s Story

Twelve-year-old Mia* couldn’t catch her breath. Her family had no primary care doctor, so they saw their only option to treat Mia’s breathing problems was to bring her to the emergency room time and time again. Each time she checked in to the ER, the doctor on duty would examine her lungs, diagnose pneumonia, and send her home with antibiotics. But Mia’s breath would leave her again – and her family would rush her to another ER.

This cycle ended when Mia’s family found Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center.

Erie’s full staff of primary care physicians provide consistent, coordinated, compassionate care to their patients. Through regular visits, Mia’s new pediatrician was able to catch the pattern, and correctly diagnose the asthma that was causing her recurring breathing problems.

Mia didn’t need antibiotics over and over again – she needed an asthma inhaler, training on how to use it, and routine care. Mia now breathes deep without panicked trips to the ER, repeated chest x-rays, and unnecessary antibiotics.

This holiday season, help kids like Mia breathe easy, and give your neighbors the gift of hope for a healthier future.

*name changed to protect patient privacy.