Richard Romanowski: Giving a Patient’s Perspective

Richard Romrich-romanowski-21anowski has served on Erie’s Board of Directors for just over a year – but he’s also a long-time patient of Erie. And it’s his unique perspective that helps Erie provide even higher quality care and implement better processes for our patients.

Richard is a talented musician and choir director who was without insurance for about 25 years. The collapse of the economy in 2008 affected Richard deeply, and his work did not offer him health insurance. During the recession, he received fewer and fewer opportunities to perform around Chicago. Like much of the nation, Richard was facing unemployment.

He also suffers from a chronic disease of the esophagus that can render him exhausted and extremely fatigued. At the time, he had started to experience worsening symptoms, and didn’t know where to turn for care.

Thankfully, he was introduced to Erie through his sister. Erie doctors were able to help him right away, giving him the health education, resources, and medicine he needed to get well again and manage his disease.

Now Richard is excited about improving the accessibility of health care for others in his community. He sits on the Patient Services Committee on the Board of Directors to give his perspective on everything from Erie’s referrals process, the ease of making an appointment, and even the website.

“I’m there because I want to give back,” said Richard. “Erie has really taken care of me, and I want to do more.”

We are grateful to have Richard on Erie’s Board of Directors, where he can continue to use his voice to create a healthier future for our patients.  Like Richard, you can help give back to our community by participating in #GivingTuesday. Give to Erie today.