Shay Lashley

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Shay Lashley's dedication to aiding precedes her time as a Patient Access Center Operations Manager. Her grandmother's remarkable love and care toward family and friends ignited her firm passion for positively impacting people's lives. Witnessing these acts of kindness inspired Shay and fueled her desire to contribute meaningful care to others. 

What inspired you to pursue a career in your field?  

My passion for assisting others is the driving force behind my career choice. Growing up in a small, close-knit family, my grandmother significantly influenced me. Seeing the way she cared for the people in her life really encouraged me to do the same. Starting my journey in assisted living only deepened my commitment to this path.  

What brought you to Erie?  

I was drawn to Erie for several reasons when exploring different avenues within the healthcare industry. I was captivated by their growth as an organization, with multiple locations and a wide range of services, including behavioral health, dental, and medical care. The diverse range of services they offered was endless. What also resonated with me was Erie's focus on providing increased support to communities in great need of a stronger foundation. This commitment to community outreach sparked my interest and led me to inquire about Erie and eventually join the team. 

Can you describe a typical workday as a Patient Access Center Operations Manager?  

Each day brings new challenges and variety. In the morning, I analyze reports to assess the call volume from the previous day and ensure our staffing is prepared to handle the workload. I meet with Team Leads and Patient Access Representatives, offer coaching and feedback, and collaborate on strategies to improve team performance. At the core of my role, I prioritize flexibility and being available to support the team throughout the day. 

What is the most rewarding part of your job? 

The most rewarding part of my job is seeing people reach out to me for help, place their trust and belief in my support, and observing their growth over time. In my two years in this role, I have promoted over 20 people. The greatest thing is seeing that someone trusts my guidance and the process and is taking the initiative. I also take great pride in the relationships I have built within this team. 

What are some of your favorite hobbies? 

I love music, going to the movies, and dancing. I also enjoy spending quality time with my friends and my wife. After work, I love turning on the music or going out to dinner.  

What is something most people don't know about you? 

I'm very shy, but my team doesn't think so. My team always says I'm good with words, but they have no idea how nervous I am when presenting at meetings. I'm also a dog mom. I have two fur babies! 

How significant are spaces like employee resource groups to cultural and ethnic communities within a workplace? 

The opportunity to have a space such as an employee resource group is extremely important, even if it's just a space to hear and learn. I've never worked at a place that even had those spaces in my years of working. I've been to the Black ERG group and the Queer LGBTQIA+ group. They're amazing. It gives us a platform and the space to learn how to be authentic and show up. In many places where I have worked, I felt like I had to put on my customer service voice or made to feel weird about my hair or having tattoos or made to feel uncomfortable talking about my wife. To have a workplace that allows a positive influence and wants you to step forward and be able to have those spaces is tremendous. 

How can workplaces and organizations foster a more inclusive and supportive environment for the Queer LGBTQIA+ community? 

Erie and other organizations have done well in creating an inclusive environment over the years. I haven't found anything that could or needs to be improved from what I have seen. 

How do we better honor and appreciate the history of the Queer LGBTQIA+ community, the Black community, or the history of Juneteenth? 

There could be more education around Juneteenth. In all transparency, there is little information on the true meaning of Juneteenth. 

There has been a remarkable transformation in how society talks about the LGBTQIA+ community. I think it’s incredible to see how much progress has been made in gaining respect and acceptance from society, especially when I reflect on my younger years. The growth and positive changes from that time until now are truly tremendous.