Erie at Sankofa Village Wellness Center in West Garfield Park

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The Sankofa Wellness Village will bring critical services and resources to the West Garfield Park community.


The Sankofa Wellness Village consists of interconnected capital and social investments along the Madison Pulaski commercial corridor that will create opportunities for West Garfield Park residents of all ages to have access to health, wellness and recreation services, along with finance, entrepreneur support, business development, and access to healthy food and the arts. This walkable “village” will connect the Madison-Pulaski corridor with other new public and private investments - such as Garfield Park Community Plaza and Outdoor Roller Rink, and the New Mount Pilgrim Missionary Baptist Church Campus.

Scheduled to open in 2025, one part of the Sankofa Wellness Village is the Sankofa Village Wellness Center. The Sankofa Village Wellness Center will serve people of all ages, from newborns to seniors, in West Garfield Park and surrounding West Side communities with “one door” access to quality wellness and preventative care services that are culturally responsive and affordable. With a gymnasium and fitness facility, drop-in childcare, youth programs, a community credit union, trauma-informed behavioral care services, and Erie’s comprehensive health center, the wellness center will serve as a community asset designed to improve quality of life and increase life expectancy.

Erie Family Health Centers (Erie) is a community health center that serves the Chicago, Northshore and Lake County communities. Erie is motivated by the belief that healthcare is a human right, and we provide high quality, affordable care to support healthier people, families and communities.

Erie is excited to be part of this community-driven initiative as an anchor tenant of the Sankofa Village Wellness Center. The Sankofa Village Wellness Center will include an Erie primary care site offering full-service, holistic healthcare with the capacity to serve approximately 6,000 patients.

The Sankofa Wellness Village is the winner of the Pritzker Traubert Family Foundation 2022 Chicago Prize, a $10 million dollar grant with a goal to build more inclusive and lasting prosperity for residents.

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The Sankofa Village Wellness Center is a series of interconnected capital projects and social enterprises along the Madison- Pulaski commercial corridor that will create trusted, safe, comfortable, community -informed and owned, culturally-empowering spaces and services aimed at improving community well-being, wealth and, over time, elevating life expectancy.

Invest in the Sankofa Village Wellness Center or the Wellness Center's capital needs by contacting Melissa Hilton, Vice President and Development & Executive Director of the Erie Foundation at or 312.432.7463.


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