Referrals at Erie

Get your referral questions answered in Erie MyChart. Our Erie MyChart patient portal is a secure, online site where you can access your health information electronically.
You can sign up for Erie MyChart when you are in the health center, at the front desk. Or you can call Erie’s Patient Access Center at 312-666-3494 and a representative can help you get signed up.

Use Erie MyChart to...

  • Receive a copy of your referral
  • View and request appointments
  • Send billing questions
  • View your medical record
  • Update your personal information
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Find Your Referral in Erie MyChart

Your Referral Order will have the phone number to call to schedule your test or appointment. And you may need to bring it with you to your appointment.

Log into your Erie MyChart account.

Log into your Erie MyChart at You'll be taken to your dashboard.

Go to "Letters" to see scheduling instructions.

To view view your referral details and scheduling instructions, go to the main menu and click on Letters. You will find the referral in the Letters section after the referral has been authorized by your insurance.

Click on the referral letter you would like to view and/or print:

Here you will see the referral letter detail. It will include the information you need to make your referral appointment.

Scroll down to the bottom of the Letter detail page to see the scheduling instructions.


How can I get a copy of my referral?

The easiest way to get a copy of your referral is by signing up for MyChart.

The Referrals Tab from Main Menu will have a list of all your past and present referrals ordered.

To view the referral details and scheduling instructions for authorized referrals go to the main menu and selecting "Letters."

How can I request a new referral?

Please try requesting a new referral by using Erie MyChart messaging. If you do not yet have account set up, call the Erie Referrals Team at 312-666-3494 (Choose Option 4, then 1). Your provider may want to speak with you before ordering the new referral. They may want you to schedule a telehealth or in-person appointment to discuss your healthcare needs further.

When will I receive my referral?

Signing up for Erie MyChart is the quickest way to receive your referral. Patients with Erie MyChart will directly receive their referral authorization letters there with instructions.

If you do not have Erie MyChart, your referral will be mailed to you after it is processed by our Referrals team. Be sure to update your address at the front desk.

We understand that the mail is a little slow at this time. Please allow at least 10 business days for referral to arrive in the mail. Referrals that need “prior authorization” for some insurance plans can take longer.

Are hospitals scheduling new appointments for referrals?

Yes, however there may be a waitlist or they may only be seeing new patients on specific days and times. Please call the hospital you were referred to, and make the first available appointment that works with your schedule. We recommend calling the hospital to check for any cancellations – you may get an appointment sooner. Telehealth or in-person appointments may be available.

Can I just walk in to pick up my referral at the front desk?

Walking in is not ideal at this time. Instead of walking into a health center, please first call the Erie Referrals Team at 312-666-3494 to request a copy of your referral. We can send it to you through Erie MyChart if you have activated your account, or we can then make sure it is ready for you at the front desk of your Erie health center. We can also give you the number to call to schedule your referral appointment if you have not received a copy in the mail or are not signed up for Erie MyChart just yet.

If you already have an upcoming appointment scheduled at your Erie health center, you can ask your Patient Benefits Advocate at the front desk for a copy of your referral(s) before you leave.

What should I do if my referral has expired OR my referral needs to be changed?

The Erie Referrals Team can help you update your expired or incorrect referral. Please let us know what change is needed and make sure you know the hospital or office’s fax number for Erie to send the updated referral.

The hospital said they never received the referral order - can you re-fax it to them, please?

Yes we can! Please provide us with the fax number if the hospital is requesting a different number than the one written on your Referral Order.

Can I change the location of my referral from one hospital or office to a different one?

Yes, you can. You should call the new hospital or office first to confirm that they accept your insurance. You should also call your insurance company and ask about any possible co-pays, deposits or out-of-pocket costs. Once you confirm the location change, you can send a message to Erie through the Patient Portal or give us a call to update your referral.

What should I do if the specialist does not have any appointments available when I would like to go?
  • Patients with insurance – You may take your referral to another in-network provider. You can find another hospital or office where you can make your referral appointment by calling the “Members Services” phone number on the back of your insurance card. If you need an updated referral order, give Erie a call.

  • Patients without insurance – We can help you find another hospital or office to schedule your referral appointment.

Can Erie schedule my referral appointment for me?

Please make a first attempt to call the hospital or specialist office at the number provided on your referral. If you are still having trouble, or need translation assistance, please give Erie a call at 312-666-3494.

I need help with transportation to my referral appointment.

Your insurance plan may provide free transportation to and from doctor visits. Learn more here.

Why am I getting a text message about a pending referral?

An Erie provider has ordered a referral for you to schedule an appointment for a diagnostic test or to consult with a specialist. If you would no longer like this referral, please give us a call to inform your provider and update your account. If you have not received this referral or are unsure of which one the text refers to, please give us a call to confirm.

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