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Adult and Senior Health Services

Erie offers a wide range of services to help you stay healthy during your adult and senior years—from diabetes management to cholesterol checks. Browse through the services listed below to see how Erie can care for you.

  • Cervical cancer screenings (pap smears)
  • Cholesterol check
  • Chronic illness management
    • asthma
    • diabetes
    • heart disease
    • HIV and Hepatitis C
    • hypertension
    • obesity
  • Diagnostic gynecological testing (colposcopies and LEEPS)
  • Family planning
    • Contraceptive decision making support
    • Low cost contraception
  • Free pregnancy testing
  • Podiatry
  • Physical exams
  • Referrals for mammograms and other specialty care
  • STI testing and treatment
  • Vaccinations

Patient Programs for Adults and Seniors

Erie offers a wide range of programs for adults to help them stay healthy, manage their care, and navigate the medical system.
  • This is an initiative that provides free women’s health exams to uninsured and underinsured women. The program processes all mammogram referrals (screening and diagnostic) at Erie. The team also provides on-going education through community events, as well as Spanish language breast cancer support groups at Erie’s West Town and Humboldt Park.


    Care Managers meet with patients one-on-one to help them navigate the medical system, follow up with needed care, and work toward improving their health. In collaboration with patients’ care teams, the Care Managers develop care plans and help patients find community resources. Transportation assistance may be available for medical and related appointments.

  • This six-week class includes cooking and nutrition lessons at a demonstration kitchen, a hands-on experience at a grocery store, and instruction on kitchen utensils and how to use them safely. Participants learn how to make delicious foods that are also healthy. You’ll finish the course with good information, a cutting board and a cookbook filled with delicious and healthy recipes.

  • The health educator can discuss a variety of chronic diseases including diabetes, hypertension, etc. Nutrition, meal planning, and physical activity is also discussed. The health educator will connect patient with other health promotion programming. 

    Health education programs include Running Club, La Vida Sana, La Vida Feliz, Cooking Matters, and more.

  • This monthly class is designed for people with diabetes or pre-diabetes who want to learn more about the disease and how to control it. The classes are led by an educator in a supportive environment; family and friends who want to learn more are welcome, too.

  • Care Coordinators reach out to patients to remind them of needed preventive care, as well as contacts those who are overdue for appointments. The main preventive services for this outreach include cervical cancer screening, colorectal cancer screening, breast screening, flu vaccination, and pneumonia vaccination.

    Additionally, Care Coordinators proactively call patients with certain chronic disease who have been out of care in order to schedule follow up appointments with their providers.

  • No running experience or fancy gear required! Join a group of Erie staff and patients from June – August to train for a three-mile race. We start slowly, combining walking and running, and include a lot of stretching and fun. The groups meet twice a week at parks close to Erie locations.