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Erie Family Health Centers’ Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Purpose Statement:

Erie Family Health Centers believes that healthcare is a human right. We acknowledge the deep history of systemic oppression, racism, and discrimination that plagues our communities. We recognize that these marginalized groups have long been denied access to quality healthcare, education and employment opportunities which has led to devastating health disparities. Erie is committed to confronting these inequities, challenging ourselves to work with excellence and humility, and keeping ourselves open to critical conversations that encourage learning, progress, and change. We seek an organizational culture where the dignity and worth of each of our patients, staff, learners, and community partners are honored, and value is seen in everyone’s unique differences. We pledge to continually explore and advance the values of diversity, equity and inclusion across all levels of Erie Family Health Centers.​

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Kellie Medious                          
DEI Officer                                      
DEI Committee Co-Chair


Zachary Spreitzer                                                        
DEI Committee Co-Chair