Confidential Care:
Know Your Teen Health
& Privacy Rights

For patients age 12-17 in Illinois

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Teen Confidential Care

In Illinois, starting at age 12, you can talk to your provider alone, without a parent or guardian in the room. Private information you tell your provider will stay private unless:

  • you say it is okay to tell someone
  • OR someone’s safety is at risk

Starting at age 12, in Illinois, you can get confidential care (without parent or guardian knowledge or permission) in these specific situations:

sexual health

Sexual Health Services

  • Testing and treatment for sexually transmitted infections (STIs)
  • HPV and HEP B Vaccination
  • HIV testing, care, and prevention (PrEP)
  • Birth control and family planning information and services
  • Pregnancy testing and prenatal care
mental health purple

Mental Health Services

  • If you are 12-16 years old, you can have up to 8 confidential outpatient counseling sessions, and in certain circumstances, more than 8. You can get more than eight sessions if the provider believes it’s in your best interest to continue or that parental involvement would be detrimental to the your well-being.
  • If you are 17 years old, all outpatient counseling is confidential.
  • Substance use treatment

Emergency Care


In Illinois , if you are ANY AGE, you can get ALL medical care without parental consent when you are:

  • pregnant
  • parenting
  • married
  • or legally emancipated
    (by court order, marriage, or military active duty)

Some insurance plans may mail information about your visit to your house!

Talk to your provider if you are using your family’s insurance and want confidential care.

Most 12 - 17 Year Olds in Illinois must get Parent or Guardian Consent for:

  • Vaccines for school enrollment
  • Annual check ups & school or sports physicals
  • Any other care not listed in the confidential list.

At Erie, MyChart patient portal ownership changes at age 12 from parent to patient.

  • Teen patients can message a provider privately, and see scheduling info, medical info and pregnancy info
  • A parent or guardian can message the provider, can see family medical history and allergies,
  • A parent or guardian cannot see teen appointments, health information, billing or questionnaires

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