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Welcome to Erie as your new primary care provider and health home. On this page you will find links to resources on our website and downloadable handouts that can help you get the most out of your care at Erie.

Thank you for choosing Erie.

We have some resources here to welcome you and help you navigate your care at Erie. Please take some time to review the material below to get the most out of your care at Erie. As you do, please let us know if you have any questions.

Read Erie's Welcome Booklet, to learn more about Erie, our care teams, resources available to you as an Erie patient, and tips for finding common things you might need at Erie, like how to:

Click to download a pdf with this useful information:
Welcome Booklet in English
Welcome Booklet in Spanish

Also, click below to learn more about...

Your Erie Home Site

To get to know the services offered at each Erie site, how to get there, and who our hospital partners are, click below to visit the location webpage for your home site. You can also download the PDF version for your home site if you prefer.

Erie Division Street Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie Evanston/Skokie Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie Foster Avenue Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie Helping Hands Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie HealthReach Waukegan Health Webpage / PDF
Erie Humboldt Park Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie Teen Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie West Town Health Center Webpage / PDF
Coming in 2025: Erie at Sankofa Village Wellness Center in West Garfield Park! Webpage / PDF

School-Based Health Centers that serve students and community members of all ages
Erie Johnson School-Based Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie Westside School-Based Health Center Webpage / PDF

High School-Based Student Health Centers:
Erie Amundsen School-Based Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie Clemente School-Based Health Center Webpage / PDF
Erie Lake View School-Based Health Center Webpage / PDF

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Erie MyChart (

Erie MyChart is Erie’s patient portal. It is an important online tool to help you navigate your care at Erie.

Click here to learn more about Erie MyChart. Click here to visit the Erie MyChart Resource Center, to read and watch videos about Erie MyChart and how to get around in it.

Ask the front desk staff at Erie, or call 312.666.3494 and choose the MyChart option, for a link to get access to your Erie MyChart patient portal account. Once you have, visit to log in to Erie MyChart.

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Your Office Visit is Over, Now What?

After your office visit, you may still have some things to do to continue with your care. Download a PDF with useful information about what you might need to know once your office visit is over.

To get a prescription
Pick up your prescription at your preferred pharmacy. To refill a prescription call the pharmacy where you first had it filled. They will contact Erie if necessary.

To make a follow up appointment
The easiest way to make an appointment is to use your Erie MyChart account and request an appointment. We’ll call you back to confirm your chosen time. Or call us at 312.666.3494 or 847.666.3494.

To get lab or other test results
To see your test results, log in to your Erie MyChart account. Your Erie care team will follow-up with you to discuss an abnormal test result. If you have any questions about your results, use Erie MyChart to message your care team or call Erie.

To get your referral
Completing your referral for lab tests, other tests, or to see a specialist, dentist or behavioral health professional is very important. That’s why your provider suggested it. But now you must act. Don’t put this off.

The best way to get your current referral and instructions, and to ask non-urgent questions is in your Erie MyChart account. The referral should be available within 7 business days. If you have not activated your Erie MyChart account, your referral will come in the mail in 2 - 3 weeks. Some referrals need “prior authorization” and can take longer. Be sure to update your address at the front desk.

Click to learn more about finding your referral in your Erie MyChart account.

To pay a bill
To save money, pay your bill at the time of your appointment. We accept credit cards, cash or check. You can also pay with credit card in your Erie MyChart account, or by calling us at 312.666.3494 or 847.666.3494.

To give feedback to Erie
You may get a text after your visit asking you to fill out a survey. We appreciate your response and feedback. It helps us get better. You can also send us an email at, or you can call us at our feedback line: 312.432.2760. Do not use the feedback line for current health questions or to send a message to your provider. Use Erie MyChart for that.

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Discount Prescription Drug Program (340B)

You may be able to save money on prescriptions by using Erie’s 340B partner pharmacies.

Erie Family Health Centers is part of the federal 340B program. The program offers certain prescription drugs at a discount. Erie benefits too, which lets us care for more patients who do not have health insurance.

You can help yourself, help Erie and help the community. Ask the front desk staff and your Erie provider about the 340B program.

Find an Erie 340B pharmacy near you at

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Adolescent Care for Patients 12-17 Years Old

As our children grow older it is important to understand their health and their rights. It is also important that they begin to participate in their own healthcare. At Erie we want to keep our patients healthy and safe, to educate them on their rights, and to prepare them for active participation in their own healthcare.

At Erie, children transition from pediatric care to adolescent care starting at the age of 12.

What to Expect in an Adolescent Visit
Once a patient turns 12 years old, they will start having adolescent well-child visits with their provider. During these visits, patients can expect the following.

  • Vitaling (height and weight, blood pressure, other screenings)
  • Medical Examination
  • Immunizations and Tests/Labs (if needed)
  • A private conversation between patient and provider. During this time, parent(s) will be asked to leave the room. The provider will discuss any sensitive topics with the patient that are important to their health and well-being. We encourage patients to discuss important or sensitive issues with a trusted adult in their lives. Information discussed during this part of the visit can be shared with the parent by the patient or with the patient’s permission.

Erie MyChart for 12 - 17 year olds. When a patient turns 12 years old, Erie MyChart ownership transfers from parent to patient. We encourage adolescents to have increased ownership of their health information as a part of learning and preparing for the transition of fully managing their own care in adulthood.

Routine Screenings for Adolescent Patients
Erie recommends the following routine screenings for young people between 12 - 17 years old.

  • Cholesterol Screening for 9 - 11 years old and 17 - 21 years old
  • Hearing Screening for 11 - 14 years old and 15 - 17 years old
  • HIV Screening between 15 - 17 years old. This is a confidential test. Results are released to the patient, and can only be released to a parent with the patient’s permission.
  • Mental Health Screenings including Depression and Suicide Risk at every visit
  • Vision Screening at 12 and 15 years old

Mental Health
If you or a loved one are struggling with a suicidal crisis or emotional distress, please reach out for help.

  • FREE 24/7 National Suicide Prevention Lifeline
    In English or Spanish call or text: 988
    or Call: 1-888-628-9454
  • FREE 24/7 Crisis Text Line
    In English: Text HOME to 741741
    In Spanish: Text AYUDA to 741741

Erie Patients. For non-emergency requests for behavioral health appointments, call 312-432-7418.

Click here to download a PDF of what to expect in adolescent well-care visits at Erie and what kinds of routine screenings to expect for patients 12-17 years old.

Confidential Services
In Illinois, young people age 12 years and older have the right to access confidential care for

  • Mental Health
  • Reproductive and Sexual Health
  • Substance Use

We encourage open communication between adolescents and their guardians. However, we can only share confidential information if the adolescent says it is ok or if someone’s safety is at risk.

Click here to learn more about Healthcare & Privacy Rights for 12 - 17 year olds in Illinois.

Click here to learn more about Erie’s Teen Center, a health center dedicated to patients age 12 - 24.

Erie Teen Health Chat for 12-24 year olds is available Monday - Friday, 1:00 - 5:00 PM at

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When to Call Erie or to Go to the ER

Erie is available to you any time, when you are sick–even when the clinic is closed. You can call us at 312-666-3494 or 847-666-3494.

Erie can help you with:

  • Colds or flu
  • Most fevers
  • Sore throats
  • Vomiting or diarrhea
  • and much more

We can give you advice on how to feel better. We can help you decide if you need to see a doctor. If you are feeling sick, you can make a Same Day appointment at one of our Erie clinics.

The Hospital Emergency Room is for very serious problems. If you are not sure, call Erie and we can help you decide.

Click to download a PDF that explains when to consider calling Erie and when do consider going to the Emergency Department.

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Connect to Community Resources

Erie believes in giving people the tools they need to live their healthiest lives.

You can explore resources like housing help, food pantries, and financial assistance by using our search engine, or search by the area that you live in.

Visit our Connect to Community Resources pages to learn more about what resources might be out there to help.

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Decisions about Your End-of-Life Care

Erie believes it is every adult’s responsibility to make end-of-life plans. It is also important to communicate your plans in advance to your family and your care team.

An Advanced Directive is a document that tells people some of those decisions and it is an important part of your personal health plan.

The Illinois State Medical Society has resources to help you make these important decisions with your family and care team.

Visit The Illinois State Medical Society website and talk to your provider for more information.

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